Club Swan Referral Program

The Club Swan referral program lets you earn a reward for each successfully activated member. All members are eligible for referral rewards. You will receive a unique referral code that is tied to your Club Swan account and referral bonus commissions.

  • How does it work?
    • Log in to your account and get your referral code and share it with your friends and family members.
    • Your referred contacts will be required to enter the code when they signed up and register via mobile application or website.
    • You can also add them to your Referral List and enter their contact information such as their Name and Email address. Club Swan will send an invitation email on your behalf so make sure to ask your referred contacts to register via the invitation link and complete the Identity Verification process.

    You will receive the referral commission each time your referred contacts become an Activated member and the more people you invite, the more bonus you will get!

  • What are the referral commissions?

    The referral commissions vary based on the membership level.

    Silver Gold Emerald Dynasty
    5 EUR per activated member 10% per activated member 15% per activated member 25% per activated member
  • What is an Activated member?

    An Activated member is a member that registered, subscribed and pass the KYC Identification Verification process.

  • Do I get a commission for anyone who enrolls?

    No, referrals will be paid when the referred contacts paid their membership and pass the Identification Verification process.

  • When do the referral commissions get paid out?

    After your referred contact becomes an Activated member, you will receive your commission the next business day and your funds will be deposited directly to your EUR currency wallet.

  • Can I post to my Social Media Accounts?

    Absolutely! You can copy and paste your referral code to any of your social media accounts.

  • How will I know if my referred contact is qualified and my commission earned?

    You will be informed when you log in to your account, go to Referral dashboard, and you will see the status of each referred contacts and your earned commission.

  • Are there any referral limits?

    There is no limit on our referral program. You can send your referral code to anyone and start earning commission once they become an Activated member.

  • Do referrals expire?

    No, your referrals will not expire. Your referral will remain valid indefinitely.

  • What if my referred contact failed to include my referral code?

    Unfortunately, you will not receive the commission. The Club Swan team will not apply credits into your account if the referred contact already registered and paid their membership fee.

  • Will I also receive a bonus if my referred contacts refer someone?

    Unfortunately, no. Club Swan is designed toward immediate referrals so if you refer someone who becomes an Activated Member and they refer someone else you will not be eligible for another commission or bonus.

  • I have not received my commission! Why?

    There are a few reasons why you have not received your commission:

    • Your referred contact failed to use your referral code or click the invitation link sent to their email address when they signed up.
    • Your referred contact failed to finish the Identity Verification process (within 30 days)
    • The referred contact is a duplicate account or not a legit account and we and do not pay out referral commission on these accounts.
    • Lastly, due to system maintenance that's why it takes time for you to get your bonus and we apologize for the inconvenience.

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