Barcelona Unveiled: Tips from Seasoned Digital Nomads

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Barcelona Unveiled: Tips from Seasoned Digital Nomads

Barcelona, the second biggest city in Spain after Madrid, receives over 8 million visitors annually. The city is popular with tourists for many reasons, including being home to a world-class football club, sandy beaches, breathtaking architecture, and a favorable climate.

For digital nomads, Barcelona offers convenient coworking spaces, fast internet, a relatively low cost of living, and a wide range of accommodation options.

We reached out to digital nomads who have visited Barcelona and experienced what the city has to offer and asked them to share with us insights that can be of great value to those planning to visit.

The following are some of the digital nomads who responded to our request and their tips:

Burak Özdemir, Founder of The Character Calculator

Burak travels the world while working remotely, and one of the cities he has visited is Barcelona.

A vital piece of advice Burak gives any digital nomad planning to stay in Barcelona is to balance work and immersion in the city’s vibrant culture.

“Barcelona is renowned for its vibrant atmosphere, rich history, architectural marvels like the Sagrada Familia, and mouthwatering Catalan cuisine,” he explains, “While it’s essential to have reliable Wi-Fi and a comfortable workspace, it’s equally crucial to step out of your work zone and explore the city’s cultural offerings.”

Another practical tip Burak gives is to seek out coworking spaces in the city. He states that Barcelona boasts a variety of coworking spaces that provide reliable internet, a quiet place to work, and opportunities for networking and socializing with fellow digital nomads and locals.

“In terms of living,” he adds, “Barcelona offers various neighborhoods, each with its unique vibe. The Gothic Quarter, for example, is filled with narrow, winding streets and historic buildings, whereas Gràcia offers a more local, village-like atmosphere with its plazas and small boutiques.”

Burak also reminds us to embrace the Spanish concept of La Siesta. “It’s not uncommon for shops to close in the afternoon for a few hours, and understanding these cultural nuances can help you plan your day more effectively,” he explains.

Finally, he says that while you enjoy working in Barcelona, you should remember to live as the locals do, savoring every moment of the city’s rich cultural offerings. “The city’s blend of historic charm and vibrant modern life ensures a fulfilling experience for any digital nomad,” he concludes.

Burak runs the Character Calculator, a set of text tools that includes a character counter, word counter, and letter counter,

Ernesto Cova, a sports psychologist and sports writer

Ernesto has been a sports psychologist and senior sports writer for over 8 years and has covered some of the biggest sports leagues in the world, including the NBA, NFL, MLB, and International Soccer. He has been privileged to contribute to several reputable publications such as,, The Inquisitr, NBA Blast, and The Cold Wire.

As a digital nomad who’s had the pleasure of calling Barcelona home for weeks to months, Ernesto advises a remote worker or online entrepreneur planning to sojourn in the city to find and attend events you can find on websites like

“Barcelona is a hotspot for digital nomads and remote workers, which means there are tons of cool cats just like you looking to connect,” he explains, “And that’s where meetups come into play, my friend. They’re like the holy grail of networking, collaborating, and getting to know fellow nomads who share your passion for living that sweet location-independent lifestyle.”

He believes that by joining meetups, you’ll tap into a community of pros who totally get the ups and downs of working remotely. In his opinion, these gatherings are like gold mines for learning from others’ experiences, getting insider tips on the local work scene, discovering hidden gems in the city, and maybe even finding your next big business venture or collaboration.

“Barcelona serves up a smorgasbord of meetup options,” he adds, “You’ve got coworking spaces throwing their own shindigs, cozy cafés hosting informal get-togethers, and all sorts of specialized meetups for your specific interests. Whether you’re into networking events, skill-sharing sessions, or just hanging out and shooting the breeze with fellow nomads, this city has got you covered.”

Ernesto believes meetups are where the magic happens, where you’ll expand your professional circle, and where you’ll amp up your overall experience in this rad city. “Grab your laptop, hop onto those meetup websites, RSVP for the events that tickle your fancy, and get ready for an incredible journey of connection and collaboration in Barcelona,” he concludes.

Sam and Natalia, founders of Something Of Freedom

The one piece of advice Sam and Natalie have for a digital nomad who plans to visit Barcelona is to download the app Too Good To Go.

“It’s an app that has discount meals, sandwiches, and more from popular restaurants or cafes,” they explain, “You are given something called a ‘magic bag,’ which has a variety of different products from vendors, and you won’t know what you get until you pick it up. Prices can range from around 3-5 euros, and the value is between 9-15 euros.”

Through Something Of Freedom, Sam and Natalia share their tips for traveling while working on the go. Indeed, they have a long guide on visiting Barcelona with many tips and tricks.

Maria DiCicco, Always Pack Tissues

Maria lives part-time in Spain in the city of Zaragoza, which is the waypoint by train between Madrid and Barcelona. Having been in and out of both airports many times, she advises a digital nomad or tourist to always book train tickets in advance.

“I realize that it may seem you could get a train ticket any time by just approaching the ticket booth,” she explains, “but the truth is that trains are often selling out, and those left tickets are at a hefty last-minute price. On Renfe, Spain’s most well-known and well-traveled train line, tickets can be as little as 20 euros and then inflate to over 100 euros if you wait too long to book.”

She adds that you’ll encounter less availability to get to your destination, having to take trains at odd times or trains with multiple local stops.

“My advice to the traveler in Barcelona is to take trains often and book them as far in advance as possible. With a country so well connected by rail, it should inevitably be explored by train, especially with a home base in Barcelona. Visit Lleida, Zaragoza, Tarragona, and more from Barcelona without multiple stops. Just remember to book early!”

You can get more tips about living and traveling in Spain by visiting Maria’s website at

Lazhar Ichir, founder of topicseed

Lazhar lived for two years in Barcelona and described it as his favorite city ever. Some of the things he likes about the city include food, wine, weather, people, culture, and the beach.

Lazhar’s tip to anyone planning to visit is to enjoy the strong coffee culture in Barcelona.

“Being a digital nomad in Barcelona is a blessing,” he states, “The internet infrastructure is incredible, cafés are affordable, and you can work from incredible terraces with the healthiest foods. Enjoy downtown coffee shops but allow yourself to venture into Eixample, Gracia, Sant Marti, and Nou Barris. There’s also a culture of coffee-workspace such as ImaginCafe, but get there early as it gets busy an hour or so after opening.”

“A tip within a tip, though: The city is safe, but pickpocketers are obviously anywhere crowds are, so be careful with your belongings, especially if sitting outdoors with a brand-new MacBook Pro,” he concludes.

Lazhar remotely runs topicseed, a digital marketing and software development agency based in London, England.

The pieces of advice shared by the digital nomads we talked to and presented here will go a long way to make your stay in Barcelona interesting, fulfilling, and productive.

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