Insider Tips from Seasoned Digital Nomads: Unveiling the Charms of Lisbon, Portugal

by | Aug 1, 2023 | Lifestyle, Travel

Insider Tips from Seasoned Digital Nomads: Unveiling the Charms of Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon is one of the most popular destinations for digital nomads. Nomad List, an online forum for digital nomads, ranks it in the top five of the most popular cities in the world.

The reasons why the city is popular with digital nomads include flexible visa requirements, a relatively traveler-friendly climate, and rich history. It also offers fast internet, high levels of safety, and a welcoming population.

We reached out to digital nomads who have been to Lisbon and requested them to share with us what they consider the most important advice one intending to make the city their home for a moment needs to have before landing.

The following are some of the digital nomads who responded to our request and their tips:

Sanne Wesselman, blogger and volunteer

Sanne has been a digital nomad since 2008 and has stayed in many cities, including Lisbon.

The one tip Sanne offers to a digital nomad planning to visit Lisbon is to join the Lisbon Digital Nomads & Expats Facebook Group.

“It’s a great place to ask any questions a digital nomad may have about Lisbon (accommodation, best parts of the city, things to do, etc.) and to meet other digital nomads in Lisbon,” Sanne explains.

She shares her digital nomadism experience in Lisbon through her blog, Spend Life Traveling.

Yvonne Ivanescu, Ph.D., copywriter, and travel blogger

Yvonne is a Canadian living in Portugal. She has stayed in Lisbon long enough to acquire property there. The one tip she shares with a digital nomad planning to visit Lisbon is to choose their accommodation wisely.

She explains that the popularity of Lisbon among digital nomads has led to a surge in rents and intense competition for apartments.

“However, the story doesn’t end in Lisbon city limits,” she states, “A wealth of opportunities lies in the surrounding neighborhoods and cities that offer a variety of lifestyles and budgets.”

She suggests that for those seeking affordability and proximity to Lisbon, Almada, and Seixal are excellent choices, especially given these neighborhoods have direct boat connections to the city.

“Setubal, a little further out,” she adds, “also offers direct connections to Lisbon and has a charm of its own.”

She advises those who are after luxury to consider Cascais, Ericeira, and Costa da Caparica.

“While Cascais has it in spades, Ericeira and Costa da Caparica cater perfectly to the surf-loving nomads. The beauty is that all these places offer great transport connections, so you can dip in and out of Lisbon’s vibrant city life whenever you fancy. Plus, you’ll find fellow digital nomads in all these spots, creating a supportive and inspiring community around you.”

The last part of Yvonne’s tip is not to overlook essentials like central heating or air conditioning, as Lisbon winters can bring mold issues in poorly insulated apartments.

“Also, consider the sound insulation, as noise from neighbors can disrupt your work-from-home routine,” she concludes.

Yvonne is the founder of Now in Portugal.

Madison Arnholt, life coach

The one tip Madison shares with a digital nomad planning to visit Lisbon is taking a day off, renting a car with your digital nomad friends (you will meet many in Lisbon), and going to Praia Da Ursa.

“It’s about 30 minutes from Lisbon and is one of the most magical beaches I’ve ever seen,” Madison explains, “It’s a bit of a hike down, so wear hiking shoes or sneakers. Even if you can’t hike down, it’s worth seeing it from above. Then grab lunch at Minho Dom Quixote (about 5 minutes away); the food and views are awesome!”

Besides providing life coaching services, Madison shares her digital nomad experience through her Flow And Wonder blog.

Nadia Podrabinek, travel expert and founder of Why This Place.

Nadia moved to Spain in 2018 and writes about traveling abroad for work and living overseas for extended periods.

The one tip Nadia shares with a digital nomad planning to visit Lisbon is to familiarize themselves with Portuguese culture. “It’s helpful to learn some basics of the language, observe local customs and etiquette, and research destinations ahead of time,” she explains, “Familiarizing yourself will make your stay in Lisbon less intimidating and much more enjoyable.”

Steve Morrow, travel blogger

The one tip Steve shares with a digital nomad planning to visit Lisbon is to immerse yourself in the local culture.

“Lisbon has a vibrant and welcoming community of digital nomads, ex-pats, and locals who are passionate about their city. Immerse yourself in the local culture, and you’ll have a more authentic experience and create lasting connections.”

He believes that by embracing the local culture and connecting with the community, you’ll gain a deeper appreciation for Lisbon, make new friends, and tap into the wealth of knowledge and opportunities the city offers.

Steve Morrow is an outdoor enthusiast and founder of Paddle About, where he shares resources for travelers.

Monica Soberman, Owner Digital Roamads Life

Monica Soberman and her husband, Mark, have traveled to close to 90 countries. They have visited Lisbon about eight times in the last eight years, including a one-month stay in 2016.

Their advice to a digital nomad planning to visit Lisbon is to get a Viva Viagem card.

“It has a chip, and it’s a fast, easy way to travel on public transport in Lisbon,” she explains, “You can use it to travel on metro, bus, tram, funicular, ferry, and suburban train. It’s good for a year, and you can constantly top off the balance.”

Monica and Mark run several online enterprises, including Digital Roamads Life.

Corritta Lewis, Founder It’s A Family Thing.  

Corritta, her partner, and their young son travel around the world while working remotely. At some point, they stayed in Lisbon for three months.

One advice Corritta has for digital nomads heading to Lisbon is to have slip-resistant shoes. “Portuguese tile is very slippery, so you can find yourself slipping around after a rainy day. Also, be prepared to work your calves because there are hills throughout the city.”

Another piece of advice she gives is to avoid tuk-tuks. “You will pay double or sometimes triple the price of an Uber. It may be fun once, but the cost will add up quickly.”

Corritta shares the experience of her family on the It’s a Family Thing blog.

The pieces of advice shared by the digital nomads we talked to and presented here will go a long way to make your stay in Lisbon interesting, fulfilling, and productive.

Always check with local country websites for the most up to date visa, health, tax and travel requirements before entering a country. This article is general information and does not constitute legal advice, check with a legal professional for visas, working visas, applicable tax and crypto laws specific to you.

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