Music festivals for seasoned travelers, OASIS, Ouarzazate Morocco

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Music festivals for seasoned travelers, OASIS, Ouarzazate Morocco

Transport yourself into the historical world of Atlas Studios in Ouarzazate. The iconic site where legendary movies like The Mummy and Gladiator were filmed. Besides the incredible music scene, you will also find a culinary experience with the most amazing expressions of Moroccan cuisine, as well as North Africa’s dishes, artists and creators. Whether you are into the music itself, art, movies, or fashion, you will undoubtedly find something to amuse you at Oasis. Though music festivals are known for taking a toll on your body and energy, you don’t need to worry about having enough energy to truly party and enjoy the festival. Oasis keeps you and your needs in mind, which is why, besides amazing music, unique cuisine, fabulous fashion, and groundbreaking films, you will also find wellness activities to relax, recharge and get ready for another round of unparalleled partying.

This year, the festival will take place on the 28th to 29th of October, and tickets cost around $190 per person. However, you can also get access to the Opening Part on the 27th, an exclusive event to celebrate the beginning of a truly incredible weekend.

Because of the exceptional setting, you can book off-site hotels and enjoy easy access to the festival with a free shuttle service. Oasis’ partner hotels include the Ibis Hotel, Kenzi Azghor and Berbere Palace. Such hotels have prices ranging from $55 to around $320 per night, and sleep between 1-2 musical hearts. An honorary mention would be the Oscar Hotel, which also offers access to the festival that takes place just steps from the hotel. Prices range from around $200 to $620, and depend on the amount of luxury you know you want and deserve. However, if you want an even more exclusive experience, Club Swan is more than happy to help you organize the weekend of a lifetime with an array of luxurious hotels where you can recharge and get ready for the next day of partying.

If you decide to stay in a hotel a little further, the festival offers bus transportation for around $13 to and from the Marrakech Airport or city. Keep in mind, if you decide on taking said service, you must rely on their preset schedule and timing.

Now, plane ticket prices will depend on where you are coming from, but prices start from around $1,500.

All in all, at Oasis not only do you enjoy a one-in-a-lifetime weekend, but also discover a new city, new cultures, new music and more. A truly eccentric experience for less than $3,000. Few festivals around the globe can truly compete with the opportunity for escapism that Oasis offers.

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