Unlocking Bangkok’s Secrets: Insights from Seasoned Digital Nomads

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Unlocking Bangkok’s Secrets: Insights from Seasoned Digital Nomads

Bangkok is a popular destination for digital nomads. It has a warm year-round climate, fast internet, and a comparatively low cost of living.

We reached out to digital nomads who have experienced Bangkok and asked them to share insights that can be of great value to someone intending to visit.

The following are some of the digital nomads who responded to our request and their tips:

Lucian Reed-Drake, Operations Manager at A Chef’s Tour

The one piece of advice Lucian shares with anyone planning to visit Bangkok as a digital nomad is to find out where the best street food markets are and follow what the locals do when seeking to satisfy their cravings.

“You can join the locals to get delicious meals at prices as low as $1,” he explains, “Thai supermarkets are surprisingly expensive, and most Thai kitchens are small and don’t have an oven! So joining the locals to eat out most days is such fantastic value, plus you’ll be supporting family-owned vendors too!”

A Chef’s Tour organizes street food tours, especially in major Asian cities, including Bangkok.

Michael Jensen, Co-founder Brent, and Michael Are Going Places

Michael and his partner Brent have been digital nomads for over six years and stayed in Bangkok for over two months.

The one tip Michael shares with anyone planning to visit Bangkok as a digital nomad is suggestions of where you can work from while in the city.

“If you aren’t doing coworking but still need a place to work on your laptop, then the Starbucks Reserve at Iconsiam and the Starbucks Sky Garden at EmQuartier malls are fantastic places to work. The Starbucks at Iconsiam is especially great because it’s huge, with plenty of space on two different levels. The WiFi is fantastic.”

He adds that there are plenty of workspaces and plugs at Iconsiam Starbucks. And you can even have amazing views of Bangkok itself if you choose the right spot.

“There’s also a fantastic food court on the ground floor for when you get hungry,” he concludes.

Michael and Brent share their traveling experience through their blog.

Mina Coleman, author, philologist, and a registered nurse

Mina became a travel blogger when her family of five decided to sell everything, abandon successful careers, and travel the world on land, air, and sea.

The one piece of advice she gives to anyone planning to visit Bangkok as a digital nomad is to get away from Khao San Road.

“A true digital nomad has lots of work every day. We are not vacation travelers, and in order to produce quality work and content, we need to concentrate and have a comfortable place to work,” she explains, “Long-term hotels and accommodations away from the busy center will give you a much better feel for the local way of life, without constantly drawing in the rivers of tourists around. They are also cheaper.”

Mina loves to help and inspire other families to travel together. She shares useful travel tips and funny stories on her blog, No Texting And Tacking.

Stephanie Jackson, travel writer, and content creator.

The one tip Stephanie shares with a digital nomad visiting Bangkok is to download the Grab app before arrival.

“The Grab app is similar to the Uber app in the US,” she explains, “It is the go-to app in Thailand for transport, ordering food and groceries, and finding and booking hotels. It can also be linked to a payment card for easy payment, and it is accepted in most stores in Bangkok.”

She adds that ordering a taxi by Grab is by far the easiest and cheapest way to get around in Bangkok, much more cost-effective than tuk-tuks, and much safer.

Stephanie shares her digital nomadism through her blog Book It Let’s Go! 

Olly Gaspar, Owner and Editor-in-Chief of We Seek Travel.

Olly Gaspar is a professional adventure travel photographer and writer widely known for his captivating visual storytelling and immersive travel guides.

Olly was born in Sweden and raised in Australia but has spent the last five years traveling full-time, exploring remote corners of the planet and capturing stunning images along the way.

The one tip Olly gives to a digital nomad planning to visit Bangkok is to embrace the local culture and immerse yourself in the vibrant street food scene.

“Bangkok is renowned for its incredible street food, offering a variety of flavors and culinary experiences that are both affordable and delicious,” he explains, “Venture beyond the touristy areas and explore the bustling street markets like Chatuchak Weekend Market or Chinatown. Here, you’ll find an array of food stalls serving mouthwatering dishes like pad Thai, green curry, mango sticky rice, and countless other Thai specialties.”

He also encourages you to try new things and interact with the locals. “Engaging with street food vendors not only allows you to sample authentic flavors but also provides an opportunity to connect with the culture and people of Bangkok,” he adds.

He further states that one needs to keep an open mind and be adventurous with their culinary choices. “Bangkok’s street food scene is a true sensory delight, where you can savor the aroma of spices, witness the vibrant colors of the dishes, and relish the bustling atmosphere. Remember to practice basic hygiene measures like selecting stalls with high turnover and using hand sanitizers. Enjoy the diverse flavors, explore the hidden culinary gems, and let the street food of Bangkok be a highlight of your digital nomad experience in this vibrant city.”

Olly shares his travel and photography journeys through the We Seek Travel blog.

Ruiz Asri, Co-Founder Tabi Together

As a digital nomad travel blogger who makes frequent rounds in Asia, Ruiz has spent some time in Bangkok, Thailand.

The one tip he shares with fellow digital nomads planning to visit Bangkok is to look for ‘working bars.’ 

Bangkok is amazing for its nightlife and hence is abundant with bars. But a little-known fact is that many of the bars are open from noon, have plenty of tables, good wifi, and are digital nomad friendly!” he explains, “This makes Bangkok bars a great alternative to work at during the day. Once you start seeing the evening crowd trickling in, that’s your cue to leave or start partying.”

Ruiz creates travel guides for foodies and outdoor lovers and shares them through Tabi Together blog.

Thirumal Motati, founder and visa adviser at Visa Traveler

Thirumal has been a digital nomad since 2016. His advice to digital nomads planning to stay in Bangkok is to make an effort to connect with the digital nomad community.

“Bangkok is one of the biggest hubs for digital nomads from all around the world,” he explains, “Connecting with like-minded digital nomads can help combat the feeling of isolation that digital nomads occasionally experience.”

Thirumal believes that coworking spaces are the best places to connect with fellow nomads in the city. “Bangkok offers a plethora of coworking spaces, so it’s quite easy to find a coworking space that works for you. Your connections can provide valuable insights, local recommendations, and potential collaboration opportunities.”

Specific coworking spaces he recommends include The Hive, JustGo, and Servcorp. Some of these coworking spaces have multiple locations.

He shares tips and resources about visa applications for different countries through his Visa Traveler blog.

Jim Campbell, CEO, and Founder Honeymoon Goals

An avid traveler, Jim has been to over 25 countries, and his next travel goal is to visit all 50 states.

The most important piece of advice Jim believes a digital nomad needs when planning to travel to Bangkok for weeks or months is to take time to acclimate. “No matter how long you plan to stay, you should take some time to get used to the city before diving right into your work,” he explains, “I know that sounds like a no-brainer, but it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of being in a new place and forget that you’re still adjusting.”

Jim states that when he first arrived in Bangkok, he was so excited about being there that he immediately set out on his path as a digital nomad. But after only two days, he realized that something wasn’t right.

“My head felt heavy, and my body ached all over—the result of jet lag and extreme humidity!” He explains, “I took three days off from work and just hung out in my hotel room, drinking lots of water and taking naps when needed (which was often). By the end of those three days, I felt like a new person—and since then have always made sure to give myself time to acclimate before jumping into anything else big or stressful.”

Besides working remotely and traveling as a digital nomad, Jim helps honeymooners through Honeymoon Goals and plan their perfect trips.

Michael, Founder HikerHero

Mike is originally from the United Kingdom and runs several online companies remotely from just about every nomad hotspot in Southeast Asia and Europe. He also travels to hike in many countries around the world. One of the countries he has visited a few times is Thailand.

As a ten-year veteran of nomad life in Southeast Asia, his one tip for a fresh nomad arriving in Bangkok is to get to know the green spaces and establish a routine of going to them daily. He believes that without doing this, the overwhelming nature of the city might crush you.

“I love Bangkok, but many newcomers have the same complaint; it’s just highways, concrete, and glass. It is. But not entirely,” he explains, “There are some superbly maintained parks, and often many have free-to-use outdoor gym equipment that would embarrass some paid gyms in the UK.”

He points to two parks one can visit to get closer to nature. “Lumphini Park and Benjakitti Park are considered the city’s lungs and are excellent places for jogging, cycling, or just getting a little mindful ‘me’ time away from your screen. The little insider secret is that these two parks are linked by a 1.6km raised pedestrian walkway known as the ‘green bridge.’  Run it, walk it, cycle it. Just use it. It’s great.” 

Mike shares his experience and knowledge about hiking at HikerHero.

The pieces of advice shared by the digital nomads we talked to and presented here will go a long way to make your stay in Bangkok interesting, fulfilling, and productive.

Always check with local country websites for the most up to date visa, health, tax and travel requirements before entering a country. This article is general information and does not constitute legal advice, check with a legal professional for visas, working visas, applicable tax and crypto laws specific to you.

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