Generous rewards in real money.

Earn instant real money rewards for referring new members and making Club Swan your everyday card.
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Our referral programme gives you unlimited rewards, with money deposited directly into your account when you refer friends and family and use Club Swan as your preferred daily card. Our generous commission means that you can easily cover the cost of your membership fees and more.

Refer your Family and Friends


For a limited time only, for each new member you refer, we will pay you 30% of their membership fee. For example, for a VIP referral, you would receive $358.50 (USD).

If you are a Chairman member you can earn a huge 50% commission on every person you refer. That’s up to $1,247.50 (USD) for each referral!

It doesn’t stop there… If you make 3 referrals, we will automatically upgrade your membership level for free*


Membership Type Starter, Premier & VIP Referral Payment Chairman Members Referral Payment
Starter $38.70 $64.50
Premier $149.70 $249.50
VIP $358.50 $597.50
Chairman $748.50 $1247.50

Instant Rewards from all your favourite retailers

(coming soon)

Club Swan membership gives you unrivalled rewards when you spend on your card online or in stores. We have negotiated with hundreds of retailers to give you real rewards and instant money in your account.

The Club Swan rewards programme allows you to:

  • Up to 15% instant reward for your purchases
  • Buy gift cards for friends or family club swan members and receive instant rewards directly into your account
  • Search by your favourite shops, restaurants and entertainment and take advantage of your club swan membership to receive your instant cash reward.
  • Search directly for the item or product you need
  • Keep track of your rewards earnings
  • Instantly download your voucher to use online or instore
  • Use at hundreds of retailers around the world

Here are some of our partners

And hundreds more


Is there a limit on how many people I can refer?
No, you can refer as many people as you like. Unlike other reward programmes, we do not place unreasonable restrictions to limit your payments. The more you refer the more commission you make.
If I move up to chairman, does my commission automatically change to 50%?
Yes, as soon as your membership type has been confirmed as Chairman, all new referrals that become active members will be eligible for 50% commission payments. Any confirmed referrals prior to your level change will be at 30% commission.
When is my referral commission paid?
Once your referral becomes an active member of Club Swan (to become an active member the referee must have selected and paid their membership fee and passed KYC), you will become eligible for your commission payment. It will be paid 15 days after the referral becomes an active member of Club Swan.
How do I claim my instant rewards at retail stores and online?
Log into app and visit the rewards centre where you can search by brand or product to find what you want. Once you have selected the amount you want and purchased the voucher, you will be sent a barcode which is to be shown at point of sale in store or a digit code to use online.

* The joining fee for the next membership level is waived. You will pay the monthly subscription amounts associated with the new membership level you are promoted too.