Club Swan Membership

Your Account and Control

Easily transfer, load, exchange and more across multiple currencies without borders. Club Swan memberships provide seamless and secure access to a digital account that puts you in full control of your assets at minimal fees.

  • Access your account in-app or web to manage bank transfers, currency conversions and more.
  • Quickly release or receive funds with your account through bank transfers
  • Create multiple wallets and access in one convenient account
  • Make purchases online or in retail locations with pre-paid card*

Quick and easy to use account & wallet features

Load, transfer and make purchases in 3 simple steps;

  • Fund accounts Crypto or Fiat
  • Transfer or convert to your currency of choice
  • Start spending online, in-store or through our concierge support team

Competitively low transfer and liquidation fees.

Earn rewards in the form of traditional currency.

You know, once you experience a great thing you tell a friend. Why not earn rewards for your loyalty and commitment of sharing and empowering others. Memberships include unlimited referral rewards for all subscription of individuals you refer.

Refer a friends in multiple ways but all in 3 easy steps.

  • Talk about it, through email, social media, text and more. Mention your unique referral code.
  • Your friend enrolls and activate a membership using your referral code.
  • Club Swan will deposit earnings** directly to your account

Shop anywhere and anytime

  • Pre-paid debit card that works anywhere which makes it simple for members to use world wide.
  • Access cash through ATMs and withdraw funds quickly and easily wherever you are.
  • Use at merchants anywhere major cards are accepted

Know what you want and need it shipped?

Our 24/7 Online Shopping assistants are available to take on your request. Our membership allows you to place request of items of increase and pay directly from your wallet traditional or crypto. We will ship packages anywhere you need it.

24 hours, 7 days a week VIP Assistant

Our team of VIP Concierge representatives are standing by to assist you. Our team will learn your preferences and understand your needs. Looking for specific hotels or need assistance in locating items for purchase, our team is available. The Club Swan Concierge representatives have a wealth of knowledge and experience in assisting members finding the right solutions that suite their needs.

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