Club Swan Referral Program – Plan


The Club Swan Referral Program (“Program”) is a reward program for our members. The Program rewards members that introduce and successfully help onboard new Club Swan members. The Program is open to all Club Swan members to join and become an Ambassador by 1) submitting a signed Program Terms and Conditions; 2) following all the Club Swan Referral Program policies; and 3) being an Active Member continuously.

Ambassadors are paid commissions or earnings in three (3) ways: (a) Direct Referral Commissions (Sign-up and Monthly), (b) Monthly Bonus; and/or (c) Level Bonus. Ambassadors must fulfill eligibility requirements as stated within this document to qualify for any commissions and/or earnings. Club Swan reserves the right to modify this Plan at any time in its sole discretion.

Direct Referral Commission

# of Direct Referral(s)Percentage of Joining Fee / MSO eligible for Commission



Monthly Bonus and Level Bonus

LevelDirect Referral #Max number of Club Members under 1 Direct ReferralClub Membership Tier CriteriaClub #Level Bonus*Monthly Bonus*
AMinimum of 2 Active Members60%50% Premier or Higher Tier15$50.00$40.00
G50%50%: Premier or Higher Tier with at least 30% Premier & at least 20% VIP or Chairman7,000$30,000.00$25,000.00
I35%50%: Premier or Higher Tier with at least 30% Premier, at least 20% VIP & at least 10% Chairman50,000$200,000.00$150,000.00

*Level Bonus and Monthly Bonus are available only to the Premier, VIP and Chairman tiers.

It is illegal for a promoter or a participant in a trading scheme to persuade anyone to make a payment by promising benefits from getting others to join a scheme. Do not be misled by claims that high earnings are easily achieved.


Active Member: a member of Club Swan who continuously pays the Membership Service Order (MSO) and has Services access. Club Swan’s determination of Active Member is final.

Ambassador: a member of Club Swan who has submitted a signed Program Terms and Conditions, 2) fully followed Club Swan Referral Program policies; and 3) is an Active Member. An Ambassador level (A-J) determines the Ambassador’s bonus eligibility. Club Swan determination as to bonus eligibility is final.

Club: The Club is the Direct Referrals and subsequent Direct Referrals of the Ambassador’s Direct Referrals. The Club grows by the addition of subsequent Direct Referral(s) of the Ambassador’s Direct Referrals. The Ambassador’s Direct Referrals are not part of his/her Club.

Club Member: is 1) an Active Member referred by an Ambassador, 2) a Club Swan member, and 3) assigned to an Ambassador’s Club. A Club Member can also be an Ambassador with their own Club. Club Members are nontransferable to other Ambassador/s. Club Members cannot be redistributed or reassigned within an Ambassador’s Club or to another Ambassador’s Club after enrollment in Club Swan.

Direct Referral: is 1) directly referred by an Ambassador, 2) accepted as a Club Swan member, 3) paid the applicable Joining Fee, 4) passed KYC checks, and 5) met other processes as determined by Club Swan.

Joining Fee: the one-time fee charged to any member prior to joining Club Swan. The Joining Fee amount depends on the Membership Tier selected by the member.

Services: The following services provided by Club Swan: (i) Access to multi-currency pre-paid access wallet and card powered by MasterCard; (ii) Concierge services and lifestyle management 24/7: personal shopping, travel booking, etc.; (iii) Access to cryptocurrency: fiat to crypto, crypto to fiat & crypto to crypto (“digital assets”) – Not a regulated activity. Visit for more information.

Membership Service Order (MSO): The monthly service order paid by a member to be qualified as an Active Member. The MSO amount depends on the membership tier selected by the member. The MSO submission allows Club Swan members to access the Services provided by Club Swan on a monthly basis.

Membership Tiers: any of the Club Swan Membership Tiers. In order from lowest to highest: (i) Starter; (ii) Premier; (iii) VIP; (iv) Chairman. Membership Tier is selected by the members at the time of enrollment in Club Swan. Visit for more information.

Direct Referral Commission – Terms

The Direct Referral Commission is available to all Club Swan Membership Tiers. For every Direct Referral, Club Swan may pay an Ambassador the commission percentage based upon the one-time Joining Fee and/or the recurring MSO submitted by the Direct Referral. The commission may be credited via USD directly into the Ambassador’s Club Swan account. Foreign exchange fees may apply if Ambassador holds a wallet in a different currency.

Club Swan will only consider and assign a Direct Referral to the Ambassador that is directly tied to the Referral Code submitted by the Direct Referral. A Referral Code (previously assigned to the Ambassador) must be provided during the onboarding process to validate a Direct Referral and activate the commission. Commissions will only be paid after Club Swan has validated the timely submission of the MSO by the Direct Referral and paid in full the Joining Fee. Should an Ambassador’s Direct Referral upgrade to a higher Membership Tier after onboarding to Club Swan, the Ambassador will also receive the commission applicable to such Ambassador based on his/her current number of Direct Referrals.

Level Bonus – Terms

Upon successfully:

  1. Obtaining the required number and type of verified Club (as set out in the above table),
  2. Obtaining the required number of Direct Referrals (as set out in the above table), and
  3. Fulfilling other conditions as determined by Club Swan,

Ambassadors will be upgraded to the appropriate Ambassador Level (e.g. from A to B) and the Ambassador:

  1. May receive the applicable one-time Level Bonus (paid only once per monthly period per level per Ambassador); and,
  2. May increase their Monthly Bonus to the new Ambassador Level.

An Ambassador’s Direct Referrals are not included as part of the Club (e.g.: Level A qualification is a minimum 2 Direct Referrals who must be Active Members, plus 15 Club Members in Ambassador’s Club).

When an Ambassador becomes eligible to upgrade to a higher level, the Level Bonus will be paid in the following monthly period. Within one monthly period an Ambassador may only qualify for either the one-time Level Bonus or the Monthly Bonus but not both. Following the period Level Bonus is paid out, the Monthly Bonus payouts may begin.

Level Bonus payout may be skipped if a higher level is achieved during the same period so that the highest level is the only level paid. Once a level has been paid or skipped, the Ambassador will not qualify for that Level Bonus again (including all skipped Level Bonuses).

Monthly Bonus – Terms

The Monthly Bonus is available only to the Premier, VIP and Chairman tier. Starter Tier members will be eligible to upgrade upon successfully referring three (3) new members (Premier or higher tier) to Club Swan. Every week, an Ambassador will receive a prorated portion of the Monthly Bonus applicable to their Ambassador Level, which is determined by the number of MSOs submitted by the Ambassador’s Club. The payment must meet the then-current criteria adopted by Club Swan. An Ambassador should ensure that Club Members in their Club submit their MSOs. Club Swan will review all the Club Members under the Ambassador’s Club prior to payment of the Monthly Bonus. Club Swan’s review is final. In addition, An Ambassador’s Direct Referral must remain an Active Member, so Club Members under such Direct Referral are eligible to be counted towards the Ambassador’s Club.

“Club Membership Tier Criteria”: at Levels A through F, a minimum of 50% of Club must be a Premier member or higher tier member to qualify for Level Bonus and Monthly Bonus. At Levels G and H, a minimum of 50% of Club must be a Premier member with at least 30% of Club must be Premier Members or higher and at least 20% of Club as either VIP Members or Chairman Members to qualify for the Level Bonus and Monthly Bonus. At Level I and J, a minimum of 50% of Club must be a Premier member or higher and at least 30% of Club must be Premier Members, at least 20% of Club as VIP Members and a different minimum of at least 10% of Club as Chairman Members to qualify for Level Bonus and Monthly Bonus.

“Max. count under one Direct Referral”: this section outlines the maximum number of qualified Club Members that can be considered under each of the Ambassador’s Direct Referral per level. E.g. an Ambassador Level D with 2 Direct Referrals can have a maximum of 60% of his total Club under 1 Direct Referral. The remainder 40% of his total Club need to be under the other Direct Referral(s).

Meeting this requirement is necessary prior to receive the Monthly Bonus. Monthly Bonus(es) are not accumulative payout. An Ambassador would not receive the Monthly Bonus until he/she complies with all criterion.

Preconditions to Payments

  • An Ambassador shall place emphasis upon the sale of memberships and/or MSO by Club Swan as a condition of the receipt of any commissions or bonuses.
  • Commissions shall not be paid or be payable to the Ambassador until Club Swan has received full payment from Club Member and/or Direct Referral. Club Swan may withhold the payments or a portion thereof to meet any cancellation or chargeback request.
  • Direct Referral Commission(s) will be credited into the Ambassador’s Club Swan account only as soon as it is reasonably practicable to Club Swan following payment of Joining Fee, KYC checks, and acceptance of the Club Member, but not earlier than 14 days after enrollment and full payment from the applicant.
  • Club Swan does not guarantee payments within any specific time frame or manner. Club Swan, in its sole discretion, shall have the option to accept or decline any referral, applicant or member.

General Provisions

  • The provisions contained in the Terms and Conditions shall govern and control the Club Swan Referral Program, and shall prevail upon any conflicting provision.
  • Pursuant to the Club Swan Membership Agreement, should an Ambassador does not submit his or her monthly fees after 30-days payment is due, such Ambassador’s Club Swan Membership will be terminated and the Ambassador’s participation in the Referral Program will also conclude. Upon termination, the Ambassador status, levels and benefits will be permanently removed from the Club Swan Referral Program and such former Ambassador shall have no rights to regain his/her status. The former Ambassador’s Direct Referral or Club will not be reassigned to another Ambassador. For the sake of clarity, the former Ambassador’s Referrer will not gain referrer status over the former Ambassador’s Direct Referral(s) or Club. The former Ambassador’s Referrer will not receive commissions from the former Ambassador’s Direct Referrals. For only the former Ambassador’s Referrer, the former Ambassador’s Direct Referrals will not count towards his/her Club.
  • Generating referrals and preserving them requires considerable time, effort and commitment. This is not a get-rich-quick program, and there are no guarantees of financial success.
  • Club Swan reserves the right to change this Plan by publishing the new changes in


If you have any questions or comments regarding the Program, please do not hesitate to contact us as per the information below:

  • Club Swan
    Atte.: Referral Program Dpt.
  • Email:
  • Post: 3300 N. Ashton Blvd. Suite 200, Lehi UT 84043, United States of America.
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