Dining in a socially distanced world

by | Aug 4, 2020 | Lifestyle

Hospitality is one of many industries that is experiencing financial hardship from the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. As lockdown restrictions begin to ease in many parts of the world, independent restauranteurs and larger luxury chains face the daunting task of accommodating eager customers, while adhering to safety guidelines. Many restaurants put their creative hats on and designed solutions that may even permanently change the way we dine. Here are some creative examples of how they are bringing the restaurant industry back to life.

Mediamatic Eten in Amsterdam, is known for their unique setting inside a greenhouse and their completely vegan menu. They took their communal greenhouse concept and miniaturized it, creating contemporary and beautiful way to maintain social distancing. The subtle switch maintained their brand identity and improved the experience by placing the mini smaller greenhouses by the water. Stylishly and simply executed, Mediamatic Eten cleverly navigated the new social landscape.

Linda Karlsson and Rasmus Persson, Swedish restauranteurs, created a way to provide intimate and safe dinners for their guests. With a rope and pulley system, they offer contactless dinner delivery in the middle of a gorgeously spacious environment designed to accommodate just one individual each day. This takes exclusivity to new levels, if you need some time out for reflection with a good plate of food, this may appeal to your inner recluse. The experience is appropriately called Bord för En, or Table for One.

This next showstopper was invented by French interior designer, Christophe Gernigon. The chic design called Plex’Eat, was inspired by an Asian armchair Gernigon found in a concept store. It allowed a person to listen to music in a sound-proof cocoon without disturbing people in the room. Gernigon’s idea marries social distancing and connection elegantly.

While Maison Saigon may not have come up with the most elegant solutions to social distancing, it is definitely the cutest. This Vietnamese restaurant in Thailand responded to customer concerns that the enforcement of socially distant dining made people feel isolated. So, they decided to replace empty chairs with plush panda bears. Not only do they keep diners company, they indicate where they can and can’t sit.

Similar to Mediamatic Eten, a restaurant in Istanbul, Turkey, has crafted outdoor domes to help implement safety regulations. These domes come in a variety of sizes to accommodate large groups or couples. The enclosed area creates a private experience, while guests enjoy the incredible view of the famous Golden Horn estuary.

The restaurant industry’s answer to social distancing has created experiences that many of us would be happy to enjoy, regardless of the current state of the world. Ideas like domes with a view, miniature greenhouses, and private dining in the middle of a Swedish field could possibly be a once in a lifetime experience. When considering your next private dining experience, allow Club Swan concierge services to help you find you a dining adventure.


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