Music festivals for seasoned travelers, Defected Croatia

by | Jul 13, 2023 | Festival, Lifestyle, Travel

Music festivals for seasoned travelers, Defected Croatia

Taking place in Tisno, Croatia, Defected consists of 6 days of intense partying. Tickets for the whole festival are around €300 (or $317 USD) and will give you access to the full event as well as the beautiful Garden Resort Site. However, if you believe in more is more, you can buy additional access to boat parties and night events. An international festival, Defected takes place in different places around the world, but Croatia takes it even beyond with its beautiful and legendary status as Croatia’s festival go-to. Tisno is located along the coast between Zadar and Split and getting there by bus is the easiest and most direct way.

Get ready for the festival, which takes place in August, by listening to the more than 100 artists that will attend the event. Defected Croatia boast onsite beach access, 24 boat parties, 3 stages and yoga and wellness sessions throughout the six days of absolute bliss. For your stay, you can choose from a variety of hotels, but honorary mentions include Defected Hotel starting at $120 and going up to $911 per night, depending on the view you choose; as well as the Defected Beach Cabins, also starting at around $120 per night and going up to $485 per person for a 5 person beach cabin. Alternatively, you can find multiple hotels for a grand total of $1,500 for the entirety of your stay!

Plane tickets will depend on your preferred airline and location. However, it is unsurprising to find tickets for around $2,700 USD. You will need to book your international flight to Zagreb or Split and take another transportation to arrive at Tisno. Arriving by bus can cost around $50 roundtrip.

If you are passionate for fine dining, a budget of $700 is more than enough to live life to the fullest while you stay in Croatia and enjoy the unparalleled festival Defected. This festival is the most expensive on this list, offering a complete experience for about $5,600. Still, for an international festival experienced like no other, it’s affordable in comparison to other festivals and will likely gift you memories for a lifetime!

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