4 Bitcoin Documentaries of Interest on Amazon Prime

by | Jun 11, 2021 | Cryptocurrencies

This is not investment advice it is provided for information purposes only. Crypto currency is highly volatile and strongly encourage you to seek a licensed financial advisor prior to buying or selling.

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Life on Bitcoin

All prices are based on a 30 day rental
Regular Price: 1.99
Club Swan Price: 1.95
Directors: Austin M. Craig
Starring: Austin M. Craig, Beccy Craig
Amazon Rating:

This is a 2013 documentary of a couple from Utah, two newlyweds, that decided to live 90 days on bitcoin. While this documentary is eight years old, it demonstrates the promise of the currency and the challenges that individuals face when trying to buy with Bitcoin. Especially conducting day to day transactions like buying groceries, gas, travel, and tolls and paying for utilities. On the flipside, it shows the differences in adoption rates by certain segments of business community and the broader population. Since this was early in the formation of bitcoin, the most salient piece of this documentary is watching and living through the challenges of change, who embraces it, who resists it and why.

Bitcoin in Africa

All prices are based on a 30 day rental
Price: Free with Ads
Directors: Tamarin Gerriety
Amazon Rating:

Misnomer. This documentary does not focus on the whole continent of Africa. Rather, the directors highlight usage of bitcoin in South Africa and Botswana and its implications. The documentary also highlights profound the changes the blockchain is bringing in South Africa. The producers do a respectable job of showing perspectives of a wide range of citizens from a farmer, a small business owner, an IT developer, the skeptic academic and of course the evangelist.
The best part about this documentary, in our opinion, is seeing a real-life use of the blockchain to solve a persistent problem in South Africa. This is not a spoiler alert, so details are omitted. Basically, there was a widespread problem in using a postpaid model for a service. When the country went to a pre-paid model for services, a majority of citizens where not banked. Now, you will have to watch the documentary to see how this problem was cleverly resolved using the blockchain. It is one thing to hear or read about a real-life use case of the blockchain, but to see it and feel the impact it has on people is a must. In a fair and balanced fashion, the documentary also highlights some of the pitfalls to of dealing with a new payment method in a rapidly developing country.

Cryptopia: Bitcoin, Blockchains and the Future of the Internet

All prices are based on a 30 day rental
Regular Price: 2.99
Club Swan Price: 2.93
Director: Torsten Hoffman
Starring: Torsten Hoffman, Vitaly Buterik, Andreas Antonopoulos
Amazon Rating:

This documentary was released in 2020 and it takes you through the history of bitcoin, why it was created, its impacts and controversies. For those that are seeking graphical representations of how bitcoin works and charts about its usage, then this is a must see. The creators do a fantastic job of using 3-D images and graphics to illustrate how the blockchain works. If you are unsure of how it works, these images will hopefully make things clear. Unlike most documentaries that tend to be either evangelizing or polarizing, this documentary made a point to be moderate in their approach and present issues from all angles. If you are interested in learning who the thought leaders, opinion leaders and day to day influencers are in the cryptocurrency space, then you should definitely watch this documentary.

Bitcoin Gospel

All prices are based on a 30 day rental
Price: Free With Ads
Amazon Rating:

On the other side of the coin, (figuratively, not literally) we have Bitcoin Gospel. The interesting thing about this documentary is that is shows globally how each evangelists approaches the use of bitcoin and blockchain. You will get insights from cryptocurrency evangelist in North America, Asia, Europe, Africa and Latin America. As stated above, seeing, and feeling day to day challenges and differences in adoption is fascinating. Warning: this documentary holds no punches on individual opinions on social, political, and financial issues surrounding cryptocurrency. While an alternative view was mentioned, the balance of information clearly aligned with title of the film. Our purpose in providing this information is to illustrate differences across the globe.

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